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Naomi Jacobs

Art to uplift the spirit

Lafayette, CO



Naomi Susan Schwartz Jacobs is an abstract digital artist living and working in Boulder, Colorado.. Jacobs studied with Andrea Rowe Kraus and at the Maryland Academy of Art and Design. She is also a biblical scholar/ancient Jewish historian, and much of her art draws on these themes. Art to Uplift the Spirit ( is her free art portal. Many pieces are created using the celebrated golden mean and/or created at the same time as husband David Mitchell Jacobs Schwartz plays one of his guitars.

Jacobs' artworks are displayed in the happy homes of her patrons. There is also a permanent installation of her painted glass bottles at Palatine House, Durham University.


Jacobs can also be reached by email via this website.

What other artists have said about Jacobs' art:

Your art reaches a dimension of spirit with some unique colors. They made me dream"--Sonia Tamer, Brazil

�It's a great mix of Krasner's colours and with a bit of Veira de silva� --Marc Heaton, UK

"Very soothing to one's soul" --Louise Kiner, Canada

On March 20, 2011, Dutch artist Monica Hulsing selected Jacobs as her Artist of the Day on Twitter.

Recent Shows:

Jacobs' will exhibit at the Jewish "Living in Joy" show in Alexandria, VA in August 2013.

Jacobs was at the Winter Park, CO Alpine ArtAffair in July 2013.

Jacobs was at the Jax Farmer's Market in Lafayette, CO in June 2013

Jacobs was at the Boulder Jewish Festival June 9, 2013

Jacobs had a solo show at Frasier Meadows in June 2013.

Jacobs exhibited the piece "Miriam's Well" at a Passover exhibit at Imajewnation museum in Saint Louis in March 2013

Jacobs had a solo show at the Drew Henry Salon and Gallery in Saint Louis from Nov 2011t to Feb 2012.

Jacobs exhibited at the Taste of Saint Louis in September 2011.

Jacobs exhibited at the Hatfield art show in Spring, 2008.


Rainbow Logo for a Hypothetical Center by Naomi Jacobs


Part of the Plan by Naomi Jacobs


Fiber Optic Love by Naomi Jacobs


Melange by Naomi Jacobs


Soothing Picture For Back Pain by Naomi Jacobs


Kundalini Arising by Naomi Jacobs


Inside the Glowing Pomegranate by Naomi Jacobs


If Nature Had a Motherboard by Naomi Jacobs


Embrace Redux by Naomi Jacobs


Pompeii Sunrise by Naomi Jacobs


Supermoon on a Spring Night by Naomi Jacobs


Tall Grass Through the Curtain by Naomi Jacobs


Psychedelic Drips Visit the Water Lilies by Naomi Jacobs


Ocelot 1990 Painting in OIls by Naomi Jacobs


Universal Power Station by Naomi Jacobs


PIneapple Linoleum Print 1988 by Naomi Jacobs


Twisty Landscape by Naomi Jacobs


Air Castle Landing by Naomi Jacobs


Light Show by Naomi Jacobs


Holy Integration by Naomi Jacobs


New World by Naomi Jacobs


Heavenly records by Naomi Jacobs


Genesis Chapter One by Naomi Jacobs


Do not say Water Water by Naomi Jacobs


Chevrei Qadishah by Naomi Jacobs


A Heavenly Whirly-Whirly or Ophan Dreams of Being on Earth as a Cinnamon Roll by Naomi Jacobs


An eye that watches by Naomi Jacobs


The Throne Room by Naomi Jacobs


Matzah of the Four Seasons by Naomi Jacobs


H Ta Chens mug shot for poppy possession by Naomi Jacobs


First Evidence for Bigfoot one of the Anaqim on Mt Horeb by Naomi Jacobs


Rainbow Falls A Promise in Water about Water by Naomi Jacobs


Kally Marie was the first to bring a Squids eye view to Red Sea events by Naomi Jacobs


It was Mo-tse-tse who led the flies to freedom from the flypaper by Naomi Jacobs


Few knew that Leviathan helped shape the Nile Cataracts started an impressive swimmingpool business by Naomi Jacobs


Slime Colony X-25 takes a trip to the Red Sea only to find it occupied by Naomi Jacobs


Adam Asleep When One Becomes Two by Naomi Jacobs


Exodus of the Marvelous Mixed Multitude by Naomi Jacobs


Under the guidance of a Mo the Manzanilla the olive people cross safely over the red red ketchup by Naomi Jacobs


That Jonah is Giving Me a Bellyache by Naomi Jacobs


Smoke on the Mountain by Naomi Jacobs


Voice from the Whirlwind II by Naomi Jacobs


Outstretched Arm by Naomi Jacobs


Song at the Sea by Naomi Jacobs


The Dragon Emerges by Naomi Jacobs


Not in Portland by Naomi Jacobs


Petals in the Wind by Naomi Jacobs


Just Before They Met by Naomi Jacobs